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bluemedias first 3D billboard helps Southwestern eye center get focused.


Located in the Legends Entertainment District, next to the Phoenix Convention Center, this new 3D billboard for Southwestern Eye Center stands proudly as a shining example of bluemedia’s dedication to strong partnerships and courageous innovation. Although many awe-inspiring displays can be found all throughout the Legends Entertainment District, this billboard makes history as the first sign in the area to make use of fully 3-dimensional design and construction.

This cutting edge billboard was first given life as the product of a brilliant collaboration between the expert staff at Legends Entertainment District, and Boyd Erickson, Senior Graphic Designer of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Together, they worked to develop an initial concept that would present the Southwestern Eye Center in a completely new and exciting way.

Once the concept for the billboard had been established, the expert team at bluemedia was brought in to help bring it all to life. Under the seasoned guidance of bluemedia Account Executive, Glenn Probert, and Structural Project Manager, Patrick Tennant, the project moved forward as the staff from Legends Entertainment District and bluemedia combined their resources to develop solid workable mechanical blueprints for the project’s success, as well as plot out an ideal course of action.

The biggest challenge of bringing such an innovative project to life was making sure that what worked so well in concept could actually be properly engineered. Once it was determined that the giant 3D glasses could properly float on a flexface without any issues, everything else magnificently fell into place.

The glasses themselves would go on to be constructed from ¾ inch plywood substrate mechanically attached to dense beaded sculpted foam, and then coated with polyurethane before being painted. The polyurethane actually encapsulated the ¾ inch plywood to create a very rigid and sturdy final product. For practical reasons in regard to transportation and install, these glasses would be split into separate and more manageable smaller pieces to be reassembled later during the install process.

Following the departure of all of the necessary pieces from bluemedia’s facility, it was time for bluemedia’s award winning install crew to do what they do best. Led by Field Operations Manager, Tug Orr, it took a team of R.C. Gile, Ricky Saucedo, Monte Wieseman, and Rick Pace a total of three days to complete the herculean task of making sure everything was properly up and running.

Many tasks were involved, and each had to be executed with flawless precision. With a structure this large, and this high up, there is very little room for error, and every small detail must be diligently accounted for. The previous banner that occupied the spot had to be carefully removed. A wooden template cut in the exact shape of the 3D glasses also had to be put up to ensure an accurate install. From here, 35 very carefully considered anchor points had to be marked on the wooden template in positions that would best support the stability of the structure. These points would then need to be drilled, followed by the gentle removal of the template. Once they had been assured that their anchor points had all been properly placed, the bluemedia install team would then need to put up the banner that would sit underneath the glasses. Finally, after all of this had been properly executed, the 3D glasses could be placed on top of the underlying banner as each piece was painstakingly connected one at a time to its assigned anchor points.

Spanning about a month from initial concept to final execution, this project upon its completion would be remembered as proof that from bold and innovative partnerships can come equally bold and innovative accomplishments. “At the Legends Entertainment District we pride ourselves in providing our partners unique out of home concepts. We know and trust that the bluemedia team can take our idea concepts and turn them into reality.” commented Judd Norris, General Manager of Legends Entertainment District.

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