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Fleet Advertising

National Graphic Support For Your Troops.

As a fleet manager, you’re like the general of a small army. Or maybe a big one. Whether it’s 5 vehicles or 500, you’re responsible for keeping the troops in shape and ready for action. Consider bluemedia™ your commander in the field. We work hard to provide the dynamic fleet vehicle graphics you need, from concept to completion. And our management, design, production and installation teams will keep your project on track and on budget.

We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity and consistency of your brand throughout your fleet. We make sure the color is correct, the installation is perfect, and every element is exactly the same on every vehicle. We’ll schedule and install your fleet vehicle graphics in a timely, coordinated and courteous manner. Our rapid-response team is ready to roll, all over the country. We will do our duty, wherever your fleet takes us.


Our Clients

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