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Revitalize Your Space.

Sometimes a few well-placed banners aren’t enough to get the message across. When you need to transform your total environment, call bluemedia™ for large format poster printing. Using fabrics, textures, sets and props, our designers and builders will do things you won’t believe—until you see your space completely transformed before your eyes. Turn lobbies into cartoon jungles. Conference rooms into enchanted forests. Drab, empty hallways into exciting branding experiences. By creating these fantastic environments, bluemedia can help you generate new retail/restaurant revenue, build incredibly detailed tradeshow booths, promote your corporate culture internally, or show off your capabilities to touring visitors. Use our comprehensive resources, creativity and know-how to transform your unique space both for fun and profit.


  • Hundreds of Textures and Materials
  • Media for Walls,
    Windows and Floors
  • Nationwide Custom Installation

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