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Fence Mesh Creative Outdoor Advertising

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Wind Resistant. Brand Consistent.

Let’s face it: cyclone perimeter fences are unsightly. They’re also an outstanding opportunity for creative outdoor advertising. With the right signage, you can turn those ugly barricades into stunning showcases for your brand. We can wrap any length or height of fencing for special events, sports venues and construction sites. bluemedia™ specializes in supplying the high-quality material and award-winning design you need to transform drab construction zones into visions of their future glory. And we know how to fabricate a durable, creative product with all kinds of options for hems, grommets and mesh material. For excellent customer service and a solid, superior mesh graphic that lasts and lasts, call bluemedia.


  • Wind-Weather Resistant
  • Multiple Weight Options
  • No Length Limitations

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