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Custom Vehicle Graphic Wraps

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Advertising That Gets Around.

When the biggest brands in the world need the best custom vehicle advertising wraps, they come to bluemedia™. Our work is internationally recognized, and we’ve earned multiple prestigious awards. But that doesn’t mean you can’t afford us. Our skill and expertise is available to you, not just the Cokes and Pepsis of the world. As a pioneer in the industry, we have built a process for handling your project from design to installation, and making sure we do an outstanding job, on time and on budget.

With 7,000 vehicle wraps under our belt and counting, we have perfected a method for matching your wrap to your marketing materials. And we can wrap anything, from planes, trains and automobiles to boats, snowmobiles and Zambonis. If you can drive it, we can wrap it. Trust bluemedia for the cost-effective advertising solution your company has been driving at. Contact us today for vehicle wrap prices.


  • Generate Millions of Impressions
  • Any Size, Any Vehicle
  • Nationwide Installation
  • Truck-Side Framing Systems
  • Kitting and Fullfillment
  • G7 Color Accuracy

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