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Window Graphics

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Stop Drawing a Blank.

Windows are valuable real estate. Whether you want to promote a product, cover up construction, or create a branding experience, window graphics and retail signage are a powerful way to communicate. They allow you to leverage blank space to generate revenue and bolster the value of your commercial property. And by depicting vivid cultural images and lifestyle scenes, they reinforce the benefits of using your space.

Not sure what to display? No problem. The award-winning design team at bluemedia™ are experts at creating compelling, full-color window graphics and shop front signage that transform blank space into branding beacons. From temporary to long-term solutions, our team can help you design, print and install a targeted window campaign.


  • Perforated Film
  • Static Cling
  • Light Diffusing Vinyl
  • Multiple Laminate/Finishing Options

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