The Ultimate Event Environment

Deliver an experience they’ll never forget, in a highly customized environment, located just about anywhere. Experiential domes are versatile, durable and climate controlled. A dome can become a learning center at a corporate retreat, the DJ dome at a music festival, or the VIP room at a conference.

As a 360-degree Theater

Our exclusive interactive dome structure acts as a portable theater, where you can present 360-degree, 3- or 4-dimensional, elaborate brand stories to captive audiences. Every aspect of the dome experience can be customized, from furnishings to lighting to temperature to enhance the event, all using stunning cinematic motion graphics and earth-shaking sound.

In collaboration with your team, we can help create your video, ensuring that the technical details are perfect for projection, and that your creative vision becomes reality.

As a Gathering Place

Throw a one-of-a-kind party, create an exclusive VIP lounge, build a pop-up retail store, do a product launch. Domes are environments within environments, perfect for more intimate experiences at larger events, or for bringing people closer together for your main event.

The Space

Concerned about space? Our domes are available in multiple sizes to fit your needs and creative vision and can host 10 to 1000 people. See our dome specs. They’re also built-to-transport and can be installed anywhere you need them for last-minute sponsorship or hosting opportunities, or a repeatable event in multiple locations. They’re well-made and sturdy, constructed of durable frameworks with reusable covers, and can safely be placed in windy or bad-weather environments.

Compel audiences to take action, promote your brand, and engage your fan base – all at the same time!

Why bluemedia Domes?

What makes bluemedia the dome of choice?

  • Greater-than-hemisphere design allows for the maximum amount of hemispherical screen, creating a significantly bigger, more awe-inspiring, more immersive experience.
  • Designed first and foremost for projection purposes, with superior custom-made cinema-quality reflective screen material and special manufacturing processes to minimize seam visibility.
  • Our own proprietary user interface makes it easy to run even the most complex programs from one device.
  • We use multiple smaller, high-end projectors as opposed to one, which, when perfectly calibrated by our team, achieves superior results and a brighter, more beautiful picture.
  • Our domes provide 30% more screen area than other domes.
  • We use single-server technology, eliminating the hassle and expense of multiple servers.
  • Our technology is key to our domes, and we keep it up-to-date where others may not.

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