Make Your Fleet Your Best Marketing Vehicle

Wrapping a fleet can be a difficult, time-intensive project, especially when you have vehicles spread across the country with wraps in various stages of wear. In order to keep your fleet on the road as much as possible and yet still complete the job on time, on budget and on brand, you need both a knowledgeable team at home, and a wide network of vehicle graphics experts.

But the complexity and hard work of vehicle wraps does pay off. A recent 3M study showed that an average wrapped truck receives six million views per year. And at only $.48 per 1000 impressions, vehicle graphics have the lowest cost of any major ad medium. So don’t trust your fleet to just anyone. Bring it to the experts at bluemedia.

We’ll wrap your entire fleet with your design or promotional artwork, taking the bulk of the burden from you. From scheduling drivers to locating templates, to coordinating printing and graphics delivery. From two-door sedans to 10,000-gallon tanker trucks, from Alabama to Oregon, from five vehicles to 10,000, we’ve got you…well, covered.

For large fleet rewraps or update projects with hundreds or thousands of vehicles, we’ll dedicate a product and project engineer to your fleet, ensuring that each and every wrap is executed properly and efficiently.

Download our e-book below to discover 12 things you should know before wrapping your fleet. Even if you’re an accomplished fleet graphics manager, trust us – you’ll pick up something worth your while!

Fleet Rebrands: A Full-Time Job for Months

If you’ve wrapped a fleet before, you’ve probably come across some of the challenges below. If you haven’t, these are the issues you may encounter that our project engineers can resolve – some without you ever even knowing they exist. Read the e-book below for fleet insider-info that can help you tackle the project like a pro.


  1. You have many vehicles in remote areas and no one to wrap them.
  2. You don’t have time to coordinate wraps, drivers, vehicle pick-ups, bodywork, etc.
  3. You already have a full-time job and this project was given to you on top of it.
  4. You don’t really know details of how a wrap works, so you have to rely on others.
  5. You won’t know if a dent is too big, a wrap is out of warranty, or what the impact of these might be.
  6. You aren’t sure of all the information you need to keep track of in order to make the process efficient.
  7. You have many different types of vehicles and your design team gave you one design.
  8. You don’t know where to start.

Download the E-book:
Top 12 Things to Know (and do) Before You Wrap Your Fleet

There’s more to wrapping fleets than a great print job. Armed with our insider information, you will not only get more accurate quotes for your fleet project, you will also have a better-looking fleet, in less time, with fewer hassles. Download “Top 12 Things to Know (and do) Before You Wrap Your Fleet” now.

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PING Van Wrap Time Lapse Video


All of our printing equipment is calibrated using the G7 Method. We have strong partnerships with 3M, Durst, HP, AGL Laminators, Zund Cutters and more.

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