This is not your typical sign and banner shop. We have 130,000 square feet of in-house fabrication facilities where we create custom objects for your event, retail store or space. We can build staging and platforms, and objects of any size that represent your team, business or product, excite your customers and fans, and bring memorable experiences to your event. We build everything in-house, specializing in environments to create a mood, change a space, and showcase your brand.


Monument signs Custom environments
Dimensional graphics Pan channel signs
Illuminated structures Platforms and staging
Custom cabinets Large, custom made objects
Furniture and desks Stage scenery and props
Custom cabinetry Pop-up retail environments


Wood – Our in-house woodworkers know their woods, and can carve, cut and shape wood into beautiful backdrops, furniture, staging or works of art.

Metal – Our metal experts and welders craft industrial lettering, wall and building mounts, heavy-duty displays and custom pieces of all types and sizes.

Plastic, Fabric, and Vinyl – There are materials that break down in sub-zero temperatures, and others that won’t last more than a year in the desert heat. We use materials for the environment of your venue or event, to get the greatest possible attention and use.

Foam – Large custom-made objects carved out of foam grab attention at events and venues, are lightweight and less expensive than other materials.

Capabilities and Equipment

Our state-of-the-art equipment makes it easy to fabricate just about anything. Our equipment includes:

C&C Router Table – With this miracle machine we can cut nearly any shape from acrylic, aluminum and wood (this one never stops running!).

Waterjet – Our Waterjet is used to precisely cut all types of materials, including 1” steel plate.

Piranha Iron Worker – This dream tool can bend steel up to ½” thick, punch holes, notch and cut.

3D Printer – Want your own Oscar? We can print that, and lots of other objects.

Trucks and Cranes – Our fleet of cranes and trucks includes everything from buckets to Skyhook cranes to a 53’ tractor trailer for transport and installation.

Certifications & Partnerships

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