4D Experiential and LED Floor at the Observation Deck

Fly Over DC With a 4D Experience

In Arlington, VA, the Observation Deck at CEB Tower gives visitors a breathtaking 360-degree view of Washington DC. They incorporate interactive technology and a bit of history to enhance the experience, and now, thanks to Edge Experiential and bluemedia, they’ve added HoverDC.

Edge Experiential came up with the unique idea for the project, and produced the content, which required filming over secured areas of Washington – not an easy task! To execute the project, Edge commissioned bluemedia.

Edge wanted to show the video on a high-end, high-definition LED screen that could lay on the floor and be strong enough for people to walk and stand on. Since traditional LED screens hang vertically, we needed to find a screen that was extremely durable and could withstand the weight of several people at a time.

The goal was for people to stand on the screen and look down as they fly over Arlington and Washington DC’s national monuments, sports stadiums, rivers and bridges. As part of the experience, guests could wear headphones and listen to a narrative describing what they see on the screen.

We found brand new technology – a 1.6mm Ebony LED screen that would meet our requirements. We worked for weeks building and calibrating the device to make it perfect for the experience, then we installed it at the Observation Deck. To add more to the experience, we mounted five fans to structural beams by the window that look like jet engines. The fans turn on and off at different times during the experience and at different speeds. We also fabricated a custom structure surrounding the floor that is ADA-compliant and lights up with RGB lights.

Our client needed someone to find the best LED floor, build a custom structure, add a 4D fan experience and bring it altogether in one control system, operable with a 10” touch screen. With the brand-new technology used in this activation, it was critical that we worked closely with the LED manufacturer and our LED install team to make it perfect for the client. The result? Go check it out for yourself, next time you’re in DC!

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We used brand new technology for the LED floor.

To complete the experience we installed 5 fans resembling jet engines to simulate real flight.

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