500 ft Wide Ark Encounter Projection Mapping Wows Christmas Crowd

How do you create an experiential event on the largest timber frame structure in the world? Ask bluemedia! Hired to execute a one-of-a-kind projection mapping show on a life-size Noah’s Ark, the bluemedia team implemented the creative concept provided by Lightborne Communications, supplied all equipment and techs, and ran the show.

The Noah’s Ark structure was built according to dimensions given in the Bible: 510 feet long, 85 feet wide and 51 feet high. Inside the Ark are three decks featuring the story of Noah’s Ark, with exhibits answering common questions and allowing guests to experience what life may have been like back then. It’s part of the ‘Ark Encounter‘ amusement park in Williamstown, Kentucky, which also includes art exhibits, the Ararat Ridge Zoo, zip lines, fossil mines and a family restaurant.

From December 8 to January 15, the Ark Encounter hosted ChristmasTime at the Ark with an unbelievable 500-foot-wide laser projection mapping show about the story of hope. It started out with a message from Ken Ham, President and CEO of the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, and then the main projection video told the Biblical account of Noah’s Ark. The show ran seven nights a week at 7 p.m., 8 p.m. and 9 p.m.

To make the awe-inspiring show happen on the Ark, bluemedia built their gear and projection mapping technology into two 30-foot shipping containers stacked on top of one another. The first-floor container hosted audio control, provided by our partners, Clearwing Productions, while the second housed all of the projectors. To cover the expansive surface width of the Ark, the bluemedia team used 14 Barco 3,200 Lumen 4K laser projectors.

“The massive size of the projection surface was the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a long time, from both an architectural and creative standpoint,” said Paul Whitney, Executive Producer and Experiential Guru at bluemedia.

Overall, it took a crew of ten about a week to install, set up and calibrate the projection mapping. And the end result was not only worth it—it was extraordinary. Guests at the Ark Encounter were blown away by the story of Noah’s Ark told through the projection. The priceless reactions and powerful imagery – plus the fact that the show was being projected on the largest timber frame structure in the world – led to a successful project all around!


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The bluemedia team executed a projection show on the world’s largest timber frame structure: Noah’s Ark

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A crew of ten traveled to Kentucky to create the 500-foot wide laser projection show in under a week's time

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