Amazing 3D Projection Mapping Brings Old Castle To Life For Sleeping Prince App Launch

To celebrate the launch of game developer Tilting Point’s new iPhone app, The Sleeping Prince, bluemedia acquisition Digital Media Etc. used an amazing 3D Projection Mapping to bring the app’s main characters to life on the walls of the famous Lyndhurst Castle. After five exhaustive weeks of production work, attendees were able to watch the Prince fend off Sydney Slime’s menacing monsters and save the kingdom — all in a fully rendered, 3D animated movie.

The Digital Media Etc. team meticulously measured every detail of the castle and modelled the entire south east face in 3D to ensure perfect accuracy. The process required five exhaustive weeks of production work, and eight HD projection zones to span the entire face of the castle using 20K projectors.

But it was all worth it. As attendees approached, they were treated to 100ft tall banners rippling in the breeze, dozens of lit flame torches dotting the castle’s exterior, and giant spiders crawling over the surface of the structure while huge ogres smashed through the walls, throwing chunks of the castle around. The entire event was flawlessly executed and the client, along with the gathered crowd witnessing the amazing 3D projection mapping — were absolutely blown away by the production.



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Teams traveled to Lyndhurst Castle, which sits in its own 67-acre park beside the Hudson River in Tarrytown, NY

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3D projections included 100ft tall banners and dozens of lit flame torches, as well as giant spiders and huge ogres

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