APS Legends District Large Format Printing Is Larger Than Life

As Arizona’s largest and longest serving electric company, in operation for more than 125 years, APS generates electricity for more than 1.2 million customers. By 2030, they expect that number to grow by nearly 700,000 new customers. That’s a lot of demand for something many of us take for granted.

To showcase how the company was “Forged In Arizona’s Past”, yet “Dedicated To Arizona’s Future”, APS and R&R Partners crafted a branding campaign to put the focus back on APS’ roots, and it’s eye toward the horizon. The new billboard, located in the Legends District of downtown Phoenix, highlights the company’s long history in Arizona, from a 1950’s line patrol on horseback to today’s “hot stick” lineman in a bucket truck, via a series of banners spanning some 250 feet, more than 60 feet off the ground. At night, the LED ‘power lines’ connecting the two billboards light up, connecting past to present.

Faced with a tight turn time, R&R Partners engaged bluemedia for the large format printing, LED lighting and installation of the project. 160 man-hours, and more than 11,000 square feet of material and cabling later, the eye-catching signage is lighting up the night and keeping APS top of mind for the more than eight million annual visitors Downtown Phoenix receives each year. The 2.2GBs of digital art files took more than 10 hours to pre-flight and 11 hours to print. Once ready to install, 85 foot lifts were required to hoist the nearly half a ton weight of the material, proving that this was no ordinary large format printing or install job for bluemedia, and no ordinary advertising for APS.



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APS Has Been In Service For More Than 125 Years, And Wanted To Showcase Its Past & Future

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The Billboard uses 10,000 sq ft of material, spanning some 250 feet, more than 60 feet off the ground

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