Crafting A Custom Service Fabricated Kiosk For Aramark

Here at bluemedia, our specialty extends far beyond the realm of 2D. With a fully-equipped fabrication warehouse, our client’s imagination is the only limitation. Take this custom-built bar and service fabricated kiosk for Aramark for example: eye-catching lighting, sleek, carbon fiber texturing, perforated metal accents, and complete portability make this a perfect way to draw a crowd in any venue.

Aramark is a food and beverage supplier that runs the concessions at Phoenix Convention Center. The challenge for this project was to come up with a moveable/portable service kiosk that can be located anywhere on property–something that looked unique, but was able to fit into freight elevators, underground tunnels, and get through doors.

To tackle this challenge, Tom Schubert on the industrial design team here at bluemedia, used Rhino-modeling and Keyshot rendering software to design a prototype that fit the client’s needs. After several revisions, the client approved the designs. Drawing upon the geometric shapes around the Phoenix Convention Center and focusing on ‘modular construction,’ Tom was able to produce not only a functional service kiosk, but one that is eye-catching, portable, and a creative solution to the client’s needs. A ‘mirrored’ version of this kiosk has also been designed, which, when produced, will create a four-sided serving environment.

This is not your grandfather’s kiosk. This custom, space-age kiosk is constructed with aluminum tube and skinned with aluminum. LED lights were used to create the ‘halo’ effect around the trim and behind the perforated metal, and the bar utilizes high-strength super low profile locking castors for easy mobility. There is also the ability to change out the name or the food they are serving on any particular day—Taco Tuesday, anyone?


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Custom Kiosk — Constructed With Aluminum Tube and skinned with Aluminum

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Fabricated Kiosk Produced For Concessions At Phoenix Convention Center

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