Coors Light Strike Zone Custom Fabricated Signage Is A Home Run

When the Arizona Diamondbacks needed to rebrand the right field ‘Miller Lite Diamond Club’ signage at Chase Field with new ‘Coors Light Strike Zone’ custom fabricated signage, they brought in their Official Signage Provider, bluemedia. The work would entail removal of the older signage, no small feat at more than 60′ in the air, then completing fabrication and installation of the new signage, all within the required deadline — just five short weeks.

From collaborating with Martin & Martin, the engineers who assisted in the construction of Chase Field, to coordinating the four day installation of the new signage with the D-back’s Engineering Staff and Ground Crew, our involvement on the project was immense. Knowing that the trusses of the ballpark ‘flex and move’ when the retractable stadium roof opens and closes, the frame system was engineered it to be ‘clamped’ around the structural frame of the ball park. As a result, there are no welds or mechanical attachments to the beams or trusses. This enables the sign, spanning 66′ long, to shift and bend as the ballpark moves around it, up to 2″ if necessary.

Once all of the sections of the project were ready, they were painted, pieced together, and loaded by crane onto a flat-bed truck for the four day installation. After, our crews set about hooking up the electrical and other hardware to round out the functionality of the signage, so that now when a D-backs player hits a home run, the sign will blink, adding a fun and interactive element to the piece.

bluemedia is proud of the work that was completed in such a tight turn time, the stunning finished product, and our continued relationship with the Arizona Diamondbacks and their fans. We look forward to our next project at Chase Field!


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200 sheets of plywood had to be laid to protect the dirt from the weight of the 90 ton, 100′ high crane

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The 66′ long sign was designed to shift and bend as the ballpark moves around it, up to 2″ if necessary

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