Cool Down With Custom Wall Graphics In Downtown Phoenix

The bluemedia team tackled a major installation in the Legends Entertainment District in Phoenix—our goal: cool down downtown Phoenix with custom wall graphics designed to transport viewers two hours north to Flagstaff.

With a blend of commuters, event traffic, mass transit and tourism, more than 8 million people visit the Legends Entertainment District every year. Understanding the unique exposure of the locale, it was important to make an impression on those passing by in a way that would stand out. To that end, the bluemedia team worked closely with the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau to design a concept that would capture the essence of Flagstaff and make each passersby want to visit.

The idea? Phoenix is hot in the summer. So why not escape to a cooler climate and explore the possibilities in the north? Fishing, hiking, adventuring—our custom wall graphics revealed a world of endless opportunities for travel, fun, and most importantly a break from average 115° heat.

Covering three walls and a 30-foot archway with custom wall graphics, the bluemedia team was able to achieve an appealing “Flagstaff Cool Zone” right in the heart of downtown Phoenix. The custom wall graphics feature snow-capped mountains, beautiful scenery, majestic wildlife, and even a spectacular starry night sky underneath the arch.



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With a total of 57 man hours for this project, we certainly lived up to our Make it Perfect™ motto

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8 million people visit the Legends Entertainment District In Downtown Phoenix each year

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