Hickman’s Family Farm Trailer Wraps Are Giant Egg-Selling Billboards

Founded in 1944, Hickman’s Family Farm began with a small flock of chickens and a housewife looking to make a little extra money for her family. That backyard flock has now turned into 300 employees on the payroll, almost 5 million hens and 100,000 eggs being packaged every hour. With their products needing to move throughout the Southwest, Hickman’s not only saw the need for a large-scale transportation fleet, but they wanted colorful, fun trailer wraps to sell even more product while en route.

As one of our longest client relationships, we jumped at the chance to design and produce the custom trailer wraps art for Hickman’s, creating campaigns around the benefits of a healthful breakfast, how the right foods can aid in a child’s development, and even in the establishment of a league of extraordinary superheroes, all dedicated to the “incredible, edible egg”. Each of the company’s ten 53′ trailers were dropped off in the early morning work hours and typically turned around, fully wrapped, either in the same day or early the next day by our team of five installers.

We’re proud of the relationship we’ve built with this local, family-owned business, and are happy to help them grow their enterprise further by showcasing their brand and unique approach to marketing all across the region.


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Headquartered in AZ, the Family Farm has 5 million hens and 100,000 eggs packaged per hour

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It takes five Installers less than a day to wrap a 53' trailer, two working each side, one on the back

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