Dew Tour Portland

The Dew Tour is a contest series and content platform that brings together the world’s best skateboarders, snowboarders, skiers, artists, brands, and fans in a celebration of creativity and style. The Dew Tour – Portland Toyota City Championships was a two-day skateboard and BMX competition that took over the streets of Downtown Portland, Oregon which showcased famous riders such as Ryan Sheckler, Alec Majerus and Curren Caples.

The bluemedia team made sure to meet deadlines with fast turn-around time for production and install time was only 48 hours. Not too shabby, considering weather restraints and having one certified installer on-site to handle the project. In the end the graphics turned out awesome, giving Broadway Street in Downtown Portland a pop of color and setting the tone for the two day event.


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Install Time - 48 Hours

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Took Place in Downtown Portland, Oregon

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