University Sport Facility Graphics Make A Splash With NAU Athletes

Lesson of the day: If possible, always choose quality and quantity. Northern Arizona University (NAU) decided that their state-of-the-art student athletes deserved an equally impressive facility. They replaced their old 50,000 square-foot aquatic center with a modern 120,000 square-foot complex accommodating their NCAA swimming, diving and tennis programs – complete with striking NAU graphics and special branded touches.

The contemporary NAU Aquatic and Tennis Complex was unveiled in fall 2016. It will be used for recreational activities as well as official athletic programs. The facility includes an Olympic-sized swimming pool, separate diving platform, six indoor tennis courts, six outdoor tennis courts and a field.

To heighten school spirit and increase the “wow” factor, NAU enlisted the help of bluemedia to install banners, murals and more around the new facility. NAU and bluemedia had previously worked together on football and basketball graphic projects, and the positive outcome on those led the school to choose bluemedia for the new aquatic center as well.

Before the bluemedia team began installation of the NAU-branded graphics around the new facility, a bluemedia producer headed up to Flagstaff to survey the complex and finalize visions and ideas. Once plans were set, it took six installers to complete the project over a several day span. The bluemedia team installed a variety of graphics and branded touches across the entire NAU Aquatic and Tennis Complex, such as large format banners that hang on drapery in the main entrance and a wall mural accented with dimensional cut acrylic letters reading “NAU Lumberjacks.”

In the swimming and diving locker room, the team installed axe-theme bag hooks for NAU Lumberjack students and wrapped edge prints with cut acrylic letters featuring the NAU logo. Branded murals with logos and inspirational quotes were also installed in the coach’s offices and meeting rooms. In the tennis lounge, NAU REXframe® were put up under pre-existing light fixtures for an impressive effect, and a large vinyl banner was installed in the tennis court area.

The new bluemedia graphics ensure that NAU students will be chanting “Go Lumberjacks” while admiring the state-of-the-art Aquatic and Tennis Complex. And that’s a win for everyone!


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bluemedia heightened school spirit in NAU's new 120,000 sq. ft. complex for swimming, diving and tennis

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The bluemedia team installed bold branded graphics, wall murals, bag hooks and more in a several day span

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