Bold New Football Graphics In NAU Coaching Offices Motivate & Inspire

Blue 42, set hike! The Northern Arizona University (NAU) football team coaching offices were in need of an upgrade to match the spirit of their team. A football coach can be great without any extra amenities or displays, sure – but why not ramp up quality in all aspects?

Set inside the J. Lawrence Walkup Skydome – the third largest clear-span timber dome in the world – the NAU football offices are frequented by students, staff, parents and future recruits. This eight-million dollar, multipurpose building is impressive, but the football coaching offices left much to be desired. Plain white hallways and empty walls just didn’t set the stage for football season pump up.

NAU reached out to the bluemedia team to help them transform the space with branded graphics and spirited décor. Before beginning, our bluemedia producer walked the football offices and got a feel for the facility in order to best plan and design graphics. Once a solution was decided on, it took six installers two days to get everything up.

Bold color and big wall murals with highlighted raised letters instantly updated the previously blank spaces surrounding the coaching offices. Spot graphics in the hallways feature images of football players and are easily adaptable for future additions. Frosted NAU vinyl on windows and glass around the offices offer more privacy and bring together consistent branding efforts throughout the space.

Previously, there were two very basic displays for NAU footballs players: “Lumberjack All-Americans” and “Lumberjacks in the Pros.” Not only were they dated, but as their football players continued to excel, the staff was running out of room for future names. So, the bluemedia team created modern acrylic displays, featuring printed white ink, lining the hallway back to the coaching offices for increased visibility. Plus, empty panels allow for easy additions moving forward.

The coaching offices also featured an old display of celebrated NAU football player – Archie Amerson, the best running back NAU has ever produced. To update the tired cabinet highlighting Archie’s accomplishments near the office elevators, the bluemedia team installed a wall mural in bright NAU colors, with a graphic of the football play he was famous for: the “Zone Check.” An acrylic display outlines his impressive football career, along with images and his framed jersey. We also ensured the Walter Payton award Archie won was protected (and gawked at!) in a custom new case.

Modern, bold graphics and murals make this project a touchdown for coaches, athletes, and of course, bluemedia!

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Updated Lumberjack All-Americans and Pros displays spotlight past, present and future football champions

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Bold NAU graphics and wall murals help NAU football coaches keep their eye on the prize (ball)

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