Modern Locker Room Graphics Help the NAU Football Team Prepare to Win

Motivation starts at home – home locker rooms, that is. The Northern Arizona University (NAU) Lumberjack football team is now surrounded by motivational locker room graphics and quotes, spirited wall murals, and much more from bluemedia.

The NAU football coaches were so happy with their bluemedia office rebrand from last year that they enlisted our help again to create a consistent athletic image across the team spaces. Before installing anything, a bluemedia producer walked the area and identified the best spots for locker room graphics and murals and discussed high-traffic areas for more detailed displays – plus came up with the idea to display an actual lumberjack axe for good luck before hitting the field.

During installation, the bluemedia team added the saying: “Tightest team in the country. Superior attitude. Heart of a champion” next to the axe display. They updated the locker room doorway with a branded NAU wall mural, and the football teams’ core principles below – created with aluminum panel boxes and cut acrylic. On the wall off to the side is another mural featuring a panoramic of the NAU football field.

Further team encouragement is found in the updated “Player of the Week” display. The bluemedia team created this with several materials and layers – including diamond plate aluminum, acrylic and cut vinyl. Plus, five different frames for categories like offensive and defensive allow for easy photograph change outs as the season goes on. And as those players come in and off the field, they now see an updated helmet display with their own logo versus the opposing team of the week.

Overall, it took the bluemedia team a lot of preparation and just one day to get everything up in the football locker room. As one of the new mural quotes says: “It’s not the will to win that matters. Everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.” Thanks to the updated, modern graphics and motivation, we’d like to think bluemedia has at least a small part in the Lumberjacks’ will to prepare to win.

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It took just one day to transform the NAU Lumberjacks’ football locker room.

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The bluemedia team helped motivate players with modern wall murals, lumberjack axe displays and more.

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