New Endowment Wall Displays & Sports Office Décor Pump Up NAU Skydome Visitors

Because any building with a span of 272,000 square feet and more than 15,000 seats is bound to attract a lot of visitors, NAU asked bluemedia to improve their volleyball and basketball sports office décor to liven up the blank walls around the Skydome and lift school spirit.

The Northern Arizona (NAU) J. Lawrence Walkup Skydome is a multi-purpose facility for sports like football, basketball and soccer – plus major concert events, commencements and more. It also houses the NAU athletic department offices, so it’s a common daily destination for faculty and student athletes, along with guests and sports fans. Overall, it took six installers about two days to complete to install the new wall graphics as well as install banners and update the endowment wall.

They started with a new general NAU-branded banner in the Skydome hallway near the endowment wall: “Lumberjack Spirit. Northern Arizona Pride.” Then, the endowment wall acrylic displays – which feature different levels of sponsorship and donations for the NAU athletic programs – were installed in a high-traffic area where guests walk by for sports games. This ensures visibility for the generous season ticket holders and donors who keep the programs going. Plus, the flexible displays allow for easy annual photo updates and changes when needed.

Next, the bluemedia team tackled the men and women basketball and volleyball athletic offices. They added vinyl wall murals with acrylic letters for more ‘pop’ where the elevators come up to the space. Frosted windows allow for more privacy outside the coaching offices and cut acrylic plaques near the joint planning offices reflect their lumberjack pride. A large hallway mural with NAU athletic keywords delivers motivation for the teams and then transitions from volleyball to basketball graphics to personalize the experience.

This was one of the first projects NAU and bluemedia collaborated on, and the results were so impressive that there are more in the works!

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The NAU Skydome is a 272,000 sq. ft. facility for sports, commencement, concerts, athletic offices and more.

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A variety of new sports office décor and endowment wall displays bring school spirit to the Skydome.

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