House of Blues in Houston Celebrated Super Bowl LI With Top-Notch NFL Event Graphics

Blue 42 set hike: Super Bowl LI broadcasting live from the House of Blues.

In the days leading up to the 2017 Super Bowl in Houston, Texas – with the New England Patriots facing off against the Atlanta Falcons – VIP guests were treated to the ultimate in football league hospitality at the NFL House.

The NFL House, presented by Verizon and held at the House of Blues, featured a lounge, restaurant, music hall and events for those with special access. Guests were entertained with concerts – such as one by country artist Kane Brown, which was part of an “Entertainment Tonight” special. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and several NFL players even held a special fan Q&A event at the venue before the big game.

To transform the artsy, eclectic vibe at the House of Blues Houston into a sophisticated sports center, the House of Blues worked with the bluemedia team to install top-notch branded event graphics and banners spread throughout their huge space. On the outside of the venue, a large “NFL House” sign was installed featuring the NFL logo. A red carpet leading to the front door was flanked by wall decals sporting “LI,” football graphics and stadium lights.

Inside the House of Blues, a 20 by 10 ft. custom fabric wall mural highlighted Super Bowl players from the competing teams. Wood canvas wrapped prints, around 8 by 4 ft. each, were placed around the venue space. Sticking with the rustic Texas décor, bluemedia installed “tip ins,” or prints on top of existing framed artwork, featuring football graphics and the NFL House logo. More tip in graphics, as well as column graphics and vinyl fabrications, were installed in the Foundation Room restaurant and the Peacock Room music hall to further set the sports scene.

Overall, the bluemedia installation took three days – and a total of 125 man hours – with anywhere from four to 10 people on site at a time. This was the sixth year the bluemedia team has worked on the NFL House venue graphics, and it’s safe to say it was another touchdown in Houston!

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The NFL House set up a VIP experience for special 2017 Super Bowl guests with help from bluemedia graphics.

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It took 125 man hours to install graphics around the House of Blues in Houston for Super Bowl LI.

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