The NFL Inspires People On and Off the Field With Help From bluemedia

Plays aren’t limited to the football field – even during Super Bowl weekend.

The 2017 NFL Women’s Summit strives to help women prepare for “plays in life” – such as facing personal challenges and achieving professional goals. This two-day annual Summit was held at The Citadel in Houston leading up to Super Bowl LI. Focused on creating an interactive experience for young women, the Summit features inspiring speakers, career ideas and tools for success.

Although the Women’s Summit is hosted by the NFL, event attendees aren’t confined to football. Thought leaders spanning various fields and industries spoke at different sessions, from NASA Flight Engineer Peggy Whitson to Chief Digital Services Officer at the U.S. Department of Education Lisa Gelobter. Of course, titans in the sports industry were also well represented at the Summit, with speakers including Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas, FOX Sports Co-host Rachel Bonetta, and NFL SVP & Chief Information Technology Officer Michelle McKenna-Doyle – as well as several male football players and coaches.

The bluemedia team was brought on for the second year to help the NFL set the stage for a successful Summit. We started with two site surveys to plan graphics and determine how to best cover the existing artwork. Then, the team installed the sponsored event graphics featuring modern geometric shapes in bold colors – highlighted with gold and white backgrounds around The Citadel. Four large fabric banners were put up on the exterior columns announcing the “NFL Women’s Summit – Plays for life.” Branded fabric banners lined the interior walls with inspirational messages such as “We will learn from each other. We will share our stories. We will learn from our failures. We will succeed.” Women’s Summit graphics were also put on top of framed artwork around the venue to streamline their branding.

It took the bluemedia installation team a total of 50 man hours to get everything up for this high-end event. The sleek brand graphics from bluemedia and wealth of successful speakers made it clear that the NFL can be just as inspiring off the field as on.

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The NFL Women’s Summit celebrated Super Bowl LI in a different way – by focusing on plays off the football field.

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bluemedia helped set the stage for the Women’s Summit with inspirational branded graphics around The Citadel venue.

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