Pump It Up Bounces Into New Store Branding With bluemedia

If every day is a party at Pump It Up, then a franchise-wide store branding redesign is an all-out celebration! To better appeal to kids, Pump It Up reached out to bluemedia to help refresh and modernize their environmental retail graphics. The bluemedia team worked with Pump It Up’s PR team at Fun Brands to come up with new graphic concepts for more than one hundred locations across the country. After previously working with Fun Brands on a re-branding for another family entertainment brand – BounceU – bluemedia was excited to collaborate again.

Working with a specific budget for each location, bluemedia helped select the design, materials and sizing for Pump It Up’s environmental retail graphics. Ultimately, the concept that was chosen focuses on bright, bold colors – green, blue, purple and orange. Circular and square wall decals – in 3M material – are spread throughout the Pump It Up interior with white block text and geometric shadows. The playful graphics on the walls introduce the idea of inflatable fun to kids as soon as they walk in the door for a birthday party or open jump session.

The bluemedia team helped Pump It Up locations maximize their material use and yield to save money and increase efficiency. After months of design and material testing – looking at everything from colors and finishes to layering versus flat decals – the installation was finished in just a few days.

The first location to institute the new design concept was Pump It Up in Sugarland, Texas. The store branding refresh will then be rolled out to all franchise owners around the U.S. – giving both Fun Brands and bluemedia a reason to pump up the party.


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The bluemedia team helped Pump It Up refresh and modernize their decor with new store branding

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Sugarland, Texas is the first location to receive the updated design, followed by more than 100 other franchise locations

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