Riot Games’ LoL eSports Tournament Signage Sets The Stage For Victory

Attracting more viewers than the World Series or NBA Finals, eSports is a continuously rising, world-wide phenomenon. It consists of people playing competitive computer games, like League of Legends (LoL), competing in individual and team tournaments for gaming glory. As LoL is the biggest eSports game in the world, its owner, Riot Games, asked bluemedia to produce and install their eSports tournament signage and custom fabrication for the All Star 2017 Tournament, held in Los Angeles at Riot Games LCS Arena.

The bluemedia team was brought in to create all of the wall and floor graphics, a custom stage, and even the sides of the players’ desks for the tournament. The event stage featured long desks for the pro players – with dedicated cameras positioned to capture their every expression. A giant live screen, lit up in bright blue and green graphics, hung above the players for the audience to follow the action, while smaller screens displayed each player’s information.

Different areas of the event, from the entrance to inside the arena, were branded with abstract world maps and the words “ALL STAR”. LoL fans also had the opportunity to look and play like the pros on a custom fabricated stage set up outside the arena. Measuring 32 feet wide by 16 feet long, the stage featured eight state-of-the-art gaming machines and a large format banner background featuring “Be An All Star” artwork.

A team of four local LA installers, plus two bluemedia team members, were able to get everything setup in two days. And the immensity of the installation left a big impression on Riot Games event attendees! As an official Riot Games partner for 2018, bluemedia is looking forward to producing and installing much more eSports Tournament signage.

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A team of four certified, local installers, plus two bluemedia team members, set up graphics and custom fabricated items in just two days

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The LoL tournament features pro players from China, Europe, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, North America, Southeast Asia, Turkey and Brazil

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