Creating A One-of-A-Kind Building & Water Projection Show for Super Bowl LI

Wanting to make a splash at Super Bowl LI, the NFL enlisted bluemedia to come up with a unique way to help share the story of the league and team players’ journey leading up to the big game. Surveying and studying the layout of downtown Houston, the bluemedia team crafted the Super Bowl LI story into an unbelievable building and water projection show at Discovery Green Park, celebrating football and the Patriots versus Falcons rivalry.

The show began with a four-minute video projected onto a fountain water screen that was 150 ft. wide and 51 ft. tall in the middle of the Discovery Green lake. This sophisticated water projection technology included 3-D effects – such as the Vince Lombardi trophy flying out of the water and simulating splashes – as well as a football on fire and shots of NFL players diving and running across the water. The video also featured the helmets of the Patriots and Falcons in the middle of the fountain trophy. Three 40 ft. audio towers ensured that the concert-quality sound effects were just as dramatic as the visual side of the show to build fan excitement.

The fountain movie projection ended with the top NFL teams running down the tunnel, while a supernova exploded on the Marriott Marquis building in the background (tying in NASA for Houston). Then, the next half of the projected movie began on the building itself, bringing a huge Vince Lombardi trophy building wrap to life along with the glory of past Super Bowl games.

This impressive water and building projection show played at 6:51, 7:51 and 8:51 p.m. for five nights leading up to the Super Bowl. The last show on each night also included real fireworks at the end, wowing thousands of attendees and lighting up all of Discovery Green.

Four months of planning and two months of animation creation culminated in the installation of this amazing Super Bowl LI project. Overall, it took around 40 people to get the building and water projections up and running. And every step was worth it once this extraordinary show started playing to pump up NFL fans before the big game!



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The NFL asked bluemedia to help tell their story in a unique way and pump up fans leading to Super Bowl LI

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An 8-minute video celebrating the players and the big game was split between water and building projections

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