bluemedia Helped the NFL Pump Up Fans & Increase Visibility with Super Bowl Building Wraps

Is there anything more eye-catching than a giant Vince Lombardi trophy?

Not during Super Bowl week! The buzz around Super Bowl LI, in the host city of Houston, continued to increase as the big game got closer, and fans and players started rolling into town.

To build on the excitement leading up to the Patriots versus Falcons face off, the NFL asked bluemedia to install awe-inspiring event building wraps around Houston with Super Bowl LI branding and sponsor advertisements. The location of each building wrap was chosen based on visibility, building size and shape, wrap content and more. The branded content included a huge Super Bowl trophy graphic and several NFL and Houston-centric messages.

The Vince Lombardi trophy, which was 75 ft. wide by 215 ft. tall, was installed on the side of the Marriott Marquis – the headquarter hotel for NFL staff and sponsors. This impressive silver trophy graphic was incorporated into a unique water and building projection show at the neighboring Discovery Green park, in which half of an eight-minute Super Bowl video was played across the building. “Super Bowl LI” was written across the lower part of the Marriott Marquis building in red.

“#SB51 – You’ve arrived” greeted fans on the Hess building in Houston, on a graphic wrap featuring a football and spanning almost the entire height of the building: 350 ft. tall! On the BBVA Compass building, wrap messaging focused more on the host city, with the slogan: “Welcome to Houston, city of the future” printed in white text against a bold red background. Super Bowl LI branding was included on the 127 ft. by 79 ft. building graphic as well.

Super Bowl LI sponsor advertisements were also featured on the event building wraps around the city. The bluemedia team installed a Verizon ad on Embassy Suites Houston that promoted their fast cell phone network: “Over 600,000 fans texting, tweeting, sharing, snapping and posting at the same time? Houston, We’ve got you.” Pepsi also shared the launch of their premium water brand LIFEWTR on a large building wrap on the Hilton Houston’s north side. They kept it simple with “Thirst Inspiration” written on top of bottle images, next to the Super Bowl LI logo.

The bluemedia team started installing all of these event building wraps about 30 days prior to the big game. A crew of anywhere from 15 to 20 people worked through windy weather challenges to get everything up and increase Super Bowl buzz around Houston – resulting in a win all around!

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The bluemedia team installed building wraps around the city of Houston prior to Super Bowl LI.

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These impressive wraps included a huge graphic of the Vince Lombardi trophy, Super Bowl LI branded messages and sponsor advertisements.

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