bluemedia Transformed Houston’s NRG Stadium for Super Bowl LI: Patriots vs. Falcons

For an NFL football player, a stadium can be magic. From the bright lights to the hum of the announcers to the roar of the crowd, there’s an unmistakable air of possibility as they run onto the field at the start of a game. And as the stakes increase, so does the awe-inspiring feeling cultivated by the stadium.

The Super Bowl stadium, then, is a whole different level of magic. It’s the grand finale of a hard-earned winning season; the culmination of exhaustion, sweat, teamwork and grit – both physical and mental. In that sense, there’s pressure on the host city to make it everything we’ve been waiting for during the entirety of the football season. For Super Bowl LI, in which the New England Patriots faced off against the Atlanta Falcons, the host city of Houston enlisted bluemedia to help them wow players and fans alike at the NRG Stadium with branded event stadium signage.

First, the bluemedia team installed the secure perimeter fence around the stadium campus with Super Bowl graphics. Close to seven miles of space meant that it took an impressive 25,000 sq. ft. of material for the fence signage – featuring branded Super Bowl images, the state of Texas, past winners, and much more. Then, the four exterior locations around the stadium were outfitted with Super Bowl LI graphics. The south exterior – where the majority of fans came in – was the priority. So, on the south side, bluemedia installed huge window graphics of the Patriots versus the Falcons and wrapped two towers with images of Super Bowl LI and the Vince Lombardi trophy, along with a dramatic lighting display.

Inside the NRG Stadium, bluemedia had to transform the décor from the Houston Texan’s home base to a Super Bowl-worthy event center for the AFC and NFC champions. A field wall domination and fabric graphic banners lined the walls inside, while each stadium seating level featured adhesive Super Bowl graphics. Branded billboards about 15 ft. tall were installed in the concourse areas and graphics of NFL players in action were put up above the concession stands. Advertisements on each side of the field video boards were covered with large images – 42 ft. wide and 53 ft. tall – of Tom Brady versus Matt Ryan, as well as the Vince Lombardi trophy and “Super Bowl LI.”

It took about 60 people to complete this month-long installation. Although the bluemedia team was faced with challenges – from the crazy Texas winds to working around a lot of different events, people and timing – the NRG Stadium project, and Super Bowl LI, was ultimately a touchdown for all involved!

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The bluemedia team helped transform Houston’s NRG Stadium for Super Bowl LI by installing exterior and interior graphics and signs.

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It took 60 people about one month to plan and install everything in preparation for Super Bowl LI.

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