Tempe Autoplex Car Dealership Signage Really Drives Sales

With twelve dealers, eighteen brands and over 10,000 new and pre-owned cars, SUVs and trucks in one convenient place, Tempe Autoplex literally offers something for everyone. Their car dealership signage, four large monument signs at 16’ tall each, needed to be bright and inviting to reflect that. If we’ve learned anything in almost twenty years of service, it’s that old or out of date signage can really harm a business. Perception is reality. And that’s why they called us to be their custom fabrication experts.

As always, designing a concept that the client loves right from the start was our biggest challenge and main focus. Once the design was agreed upon, our team set about gathering the necessary city permits, even going so far as to appear before the Tempe City Council to convince them to allow signs far larger and different that the City Code typically allowed. But we love a challenge, and in the end, we got the required signatures to move forward and began building the monuments.

Production took about four weeks, and involved a variety of fabrication departments, including welding, painting and routing. Install took two full days with our five team members installing two of the signs each day. This included the crane operator and assistant, as well as three of our fabricators to wire, weld and put together the pieces. Seeing the large signs give a much-needed face lift to the property, changing each of the four corners they were placed on, and the client’s reaction, was the best part of a job well done.


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Install required a crane operator, assistant, and three fabricators to wire, weld and put everything together

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Install took two full days with team members installing two of the signs each day

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