Turbo Resources Custom Fabricated Sign Reflects Speedy Service

For more than 30 years, Turbo Resources has been an elite supplier to the worldwide aviation industry, stocking over 500,000 items of surplus airworthy rotables and consumables. They move fast, specializing in same-day delivery to their 2,000 customers annually, and when they decided they needed a new custom fabricated sign for their headquarters building, they wanted the design to reflect that speed to market.

bluemedia’s Lead Structural Designer was tasked with concepting the piece, and decided on using a real airplane engine cowl to push the idea of speed and precision. Creating a scale 3D rendering of the new sign, along with exact dimensions and photo mockup, Turbo gave its approval and our Fabrication department set about creating the building’s custom monument sign.

Because Turbo Resources wasn’t in a rush to receive the piece, a rarity in our industry, one of our senior fabricators was able to take their time, crafting a masterpiece that both impressed and awed the client. From the time it took to load the sign onto the truck and then unload into its final position, installation took about 5 hours, with two field install team members welding and permanently placing the piece while another operated the crane. The one-of-a-kind sign now sits outside of the Turbo Resources facility, a testament to ingenuity and experience.


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A long turn-time gave our team every moment they needed to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece

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3D renderings helped to conceptualize, create and craft the final product for a delighted client

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