Visa World Cup Fabricated Handheld Signs

The World Cup may be over but it was more than just a game for bluemedia—it was an opportunity for global business, and another chance to show off what our Fabrication department can do.

With the help of our great partners, global experiential marketing agency GMR Marketing, we produced nearly 200 internally-illuminated, fabricated handheld signs for Visa. The multinational financial services corporation was an exclusive worldwide partner of the FIFA World Cup, and wanted something truly impressive to help their team members stand out and get noticed while in the field.

bluemedia’s full-service Fabrication team and experienced Project Managers worked with GMR to design and produce the unique, battery pack powered devices, which featured fully-rendered and precisely color-matched artwork of the World Cup trophy and Visa logo. Each unit was then produced using 3/4″ White PVC, with Direct-Printed Lexan faces. When unlit, the pieces are very impressive, but when switched on, they truly come to life.

Because they’re lit with strips of tiny but bright white LEDs, it’s hard to capture the actual brightness of the units in a photo, but the client was extremely pleased with the result, and we all agreed they’re even more remarkable in person. The included battery packs contain 8 long life batteries, and a 12V DC Power Supply that connects to the bottom of the unit through a 2.1mm Jack Socket.

This meant that the grips could be changed out to accommodate other handles or bases, and in this case, 4 section twist-to-lock monopods with neoprene grips were used for easier positioning and stability—also, at 63″ high when fully extended, they made great leaning posts for the field agents when they got tired after a long day.

After production, our seasoned Shipping department diligently kitted and shipped all 200 of the pieces to Brazil, through a variety of Customs agencies and checkpoints, without a single incident. All in all, it was a win for Visa, GMR, bluemedia and the Fabrication department.


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Kitted And Shipped All 200 Of The Pieces To Brazil Without Incident

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The Handheld Signs Were 63″ Tall When Fully Extended

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