New Blood: Vitalant Rebrands a Fleet

Founded in 1943, Vitalant is one of the nation’s oldest and largest nonprofit transfusion medicine organizations, comprised of more than 125 community blood centers. Vitalant provides blood and special services to patients in more than 1,000 hospitals across 40 states, and hosts blood donation events across the country.

When Vitalant decided on a rebrand, their fleet was a major concern. One of their goals with the brand is to be a consistent reminder that donating blood saves lives every day. Their fleet is not only a crucial part of the organization because it provides transportation and mobile blood donation vehicles. The graphics make every vehicle a valuable marketing tool.

With more than 750 vehicles scattered across cities, towns and remote areas of the U.S., locating and assessing the vehicles would be a job in itself. The wraps would need to be designed, customized and printed for each different year, make and model of vehicle. Existing wraps would need to be removed, and the new vinyl would need to be installed.

To run a project of this caliber, Vitalant needed a partner that not only knew vehicle wraps, but that could manage all aspects of the project with efficiency and accuracy. As a non-profit, budget was a major factor in Vitalant’s choice.

Vitalant chose bluemedia. Working alongside Vitalant, our dedicated project coordinator gathers information on each and every vehicle and executes the design and printing of the graphics. Working with subcontractors in the area where each vehicle is located, she coordinates shipping of the vinyl, wrap removals and installations, ensuring each and every wrap meets our standards for quality and stays within budget.

Vitalant is very pleased with our service, efficiency and the quality of the graphics. And we at bluemedia are thrilled to be working with an organization that provides such important service in communities across the country!

“I think things are going well.  Lauren really seems to be on top of things and the rest of the team is really cranking!  Everyone on our end is excited to see the progress happening.”

– Erin Lamson, Sourcing Manager, Vitalant

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Every vehicle make and model requires a different wrap design template.

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Our project coordinator schedules, plans and controls each and every wrap.

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