Western Refining Tanker Fleet Graphics Take To The Road

What does a company like Western Refining, the Texas-based Fortune 200 and Global 2000 crude oil refiner, do when they need tanker fleet graphics for more than 250 vehicles? They call bluemedia. Our national certified install team has wrapped thousands of fleet vehicles of all shapes and sizes with high quality graphics and materials for more than 18 years.

Although Western is headquartered in El Paso, its refineries are located in across the country, in El Paso, TX, Gallup, NM and St. Paul Park, MN. So we recognized early on that a one-size-fits-all approach wouldn’t have worked for producing and installing the fleet graphics for each of the company’s locations. Because of the distance between pick-up locations, and the sheer number of different tanker sizes and styles, bluemedia created two full-time install locations in Phoenix, AZ and Bloomfield, NM, with an additional temporary location in Katy, TX to meet trucks as they were originally coming out of the manufacturer.

Our award-winning design team, with input from the client and their creative team, was able to create a templated version of the brand’s artwork to accommodate the various sizes and shapes of the vehicles, assuring a standard, overall ‘look’ to the entire fleet, while maintaining both brand guidelines and outstanding color accuracy/consistency. Now a few years in, we’ve perfected the process to 24 man-hours for each install and regularly see more than a dozen tankers a month pass through our facilities and make their way out into the wide world.


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Three Locations Across The Country Handle Installation Of More Than 250 Tankers

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bluemedia's Certified Installers Complete More Than A Dozen Tanker Wraps A Month

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